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Why do you need a licence to play music?

TheMusicLicence grants you this permission, in relation to the vast majority  of commercially available music. This ranges from grassroots and independent artists and composers through to the biggest names in the business.

If you broadcast copywritten music in your business premises, via a radio or digital device including a TV, it is likely you will need TheMusicLicence.  

If I have already purchased the music, why do I need to pay for a licence? Purchasing music either digitally on a CD, record or tape permits you to listen to it at home for your personal use. However, if this music is played outside your home as a public performance, for employees, customers or visitors then you'll usually need TheMusicLicence.

I already have a TV licence, why do I need TheMusicLicence? A TV licence only allows you to receive the broadcast signal for the television, so you'll usually need TheMusicLicence to cover the music usage within TV programmes, advertisements and other broadcasts.

What happens if I continue to play music without a licence?

It's your responsibility to ensure that you are properly licensed for any music use taking place at your business or organisation. Using music without a licence could amount to copyright infringement.

If we have reason to believe that you are using copyright music without an appropriate licence, then we may collect evidence which could result in enforcement proceedings.


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