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Barbers Health, Looking after your wrists, Carpel tunnel and RSI

In this article on Barbers Health Doc Robert Dunsdon BA, BSc, MMCA is looking at ‘one of our industry’s most common conditions of WRIST PAIN. For decades barbers and hairstylists have been plagued with wrist complaints like RSI and carpel Tunnel Syndrome

What is Carpel tunnel?

The Carpel tunnel is a small opening at the base of your hand and wrist. Through this opening nerves run down from your neck to your arm and into your hand, this is why some neck and shoulder problems can cause weakness in your hand and wrist. If you are unsure of the cause of your symptoms it always best to see a chiropractor or other health professional to make sure.

How to spot the first signs of Carpel Tunnel symptoms

An ache or pain in your fingers, with or without numbness. Pins and needles in your hand as well as having difficulty gripping.

Often the symptoms start off slowly and can be worse at night. A simple self test to see if you possibly have Carpel tunnel is Phalens test.

What is RSI?

Repetitive strain injury (RSI) is a general term used to describe the pain felt in muscles, nerves and tendons caused by repetitive movement and overuse.

It's also known as work-related upper limb disorder, or non-specific upper limb pain.

The condition mostly affects parts of the upper body, such as the:

  • forearms and elbows

  • wrists and hands

  • neck and shoulders

Symptoms of RSI

The symptoms of RSI can range from mild to severe and usually develop gradually. They often include:

  • pain, aching or tenderness

  • stiffness

  • throbbing

  • tingling or numbness

  • weakness

  • cramp

At first, you might only notice symptoms when you're carrying out a particular repetitive action.

But without treatment, the symptoms of RSI may eventually become constant and cause longer periods of pain. You may also get swelling in the affected area, which can last for several months.

If you develop any symptoms of Carpel Tunnel or RSI visit your GP


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