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The British Master Barbers Alliance team has been formed by time served Master Barbers who have a wealth of experience in a range of Barbering related subjects. This includes a group of highly skilled multi-award-winning Barbers, Barbershop owners, Teachers, Lecturers, Assessors, Educators, Session stylists & Barber Academy owners from all over the UK.


This team effort hopes to merge its efforts & cooperate for the specific purpose to support, promote & enhance the work of British Barbers & Barbershops. We believe professional barbershops can keep standards high enough to stand out from the unskilled shops opening all over the country. We aim to support the British barbers that show enthusiasm for the industry in both improving their businesses and achieving recognition for the effort and dedication they put into the craft of barbering. Run by real, time-served barbers, we want to help. Together we can show the public that by using a British Master barber member they’re in safe, competent, skilled hands.
We know that customers can struggle to find a suitably qualified, skilled and insured barber, which can often lead to disastrous results. By offering higher status barbering accreditation, we help ensure customers know where to go for the best in barbering.

Barber's Pole

The British Master Barbers Alliance (BMB) has been created to help qualified and highly skilled barbers across the whole UK showcase their talent.

What is the highest level a Barber may achieve?

Barbering only begins when you qualify. You never stop learning! In our profession, the consumer is key & needs a quality mark they can trust & be able to recognise “British Master Barbers”  Just the name shows quality and professionalism. Becoming Accredited by The British Master Barbers Alliance you will have the opportunity to be officially recognised as a British Professional Barber, British Master Barber or Grand Master Barber. Be the best you can be.

What does it take to be a master barber?

To be a real master of an art, there is nothing that compares to long-term experience. We all know that a barber never stops learning, even after many years. Knowing how to adjust to new methods, keeping up with the latest styles, and coping with all aspects of the ever-changing barbering industry, are amongst what keeps a good barber at the pinnacle of the craft.


We are not in competition & in no way do we wish to dismiss the good work that been done in recent times to raise the profile of Barbering by so many keen supporters of our craft.


#Let’s work together.

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