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Wahl Senior Cordless

When i first picked up these new breed of clippers i presumed they were just another Super taper cordless with a metal body. They couldn’t be further from that. The heavy weight body added a really strong professional quality feel to the clipper, which for some could almost feel a bit too heavy but i soon adjusted to the difference in weight to my previous go to super taper. These in my opinion are probably the best looking professional clipper to date and add a real look of quality to your tool arsenal. The Metal casing looks very classy compared to the plastic option and I’m guessing will easily provide plenty of strength to cater for those regular drops.

The blades seem to be a mixture of the magic clip static blade and rather than using the same crunch blade as the magic it uses the standard chop blade from a Super taper which i feel prevents any gripping and catching of the hair. This to me is a really good combination if you cover a full spectrum of different styles and cuts throughout the day.

The Senior seems to have a slightly longer charge up time and on a busy day can run down a lot faster than the Super taper but the faster more powerful motor soon makes up for this with the way it glides through thick hair with ease. I found on a busy day i was charging between cuts so have now purchased a second pair to keep on charge whilst using the others. Thankfully Wahl have solved the previous issue of the charging lead being too thin and supply a thicker more robust lead. A few people have mentioned occasional issues regarding the charging pins breaking but so far i haven’t had any issues and think this could be down to being too heavy handed when connecting the charging lead.

The Seniors came in at a fairly expensive price hike over the Super taper but when you take into account the Seniors came with a full set of the new Wahl premium guards this price difference was easily justified.


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