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The way to get started is to quit talking & begin doing

Mike Taylor Education have remained busy throughout lockdown continuing to ensure learning is being put in place for our students. As the government's requirement is for students to continue to keep learning through lockdown (where possible) our educators have been doing all sorts of fun training so the students keep engaged. It’s also really important to us to check that our students are keeping safe and well.

We have arranged a live quiz on Facebook where over 40 students competed - not just from Mike Taylor Education but also from other colleges across the country. We have also been using Zoom to book in demos where possible so that we can keep as much practical learning in place as possible. Our learners have also been able to share photos and videos of haircuts they have completed in lockdown on their family members and it has been great to see some fantastic finished looks. We have also been working hard to ensure a lot of our resources are available online for students to access.

We have created online theory lessons and we believe that now is a time for everyone to work together to ensure that students are not disadvantaged by lockdown, so we made the decision to share these theory lessons on our YouTube channel for other students and educators to access.

Recently released theory videos on:

Introduction to Barbering

Creating a Male Hair-Style Collection

Traditional Barbering

Blow drying and styling


This week we will be releasing the theory presentation on Health and Safety - something which is absolutely paramount in the barbershop so make sure that you tune in. To access these resources, just go to the Mike Taylor Education YouTube channel and subscribe.


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