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The British Master Barbers Brings On Booksy As It’s Official Bookings Partner

We are proud to announce that Booksy is officially the booking partner for the British Master Barbers.

Booksy, the online booking app that removes the hassle of booking client appointments, has transformed how we manage our client diaries. Their tech is impressive, reliable, and easy to use. We can trust it which means we can focus on running our barbershops.

Collaborating with game-changing and forward-thinking companies is in our DNA, that’s why our association with Booksy is both exciting and so on-brand for us and our community.

We have been working with the team behind the scenes for many years. But this will be our official partnership.

You can expect special educational content, exclusive tutorials, tips & tricks from Booksy ambassadors, and much more.

Booksy offers the UK barbering industry so much, from streamlining appointments to boosting our bottom lines.

Our community is going to be in for a tremendous treat as our official partnership gets underway. Expect amazing content, business-building insights, and much more.

Adrian Ward, Booksy Vice President of Ambassadors

‘Working with Father and son Anthony Copeland’s over the past five years has always been fun, through this Barber network and attending their exhibitions. There has always been a lovely family atmosphere where people with a passion for barbering are always encouraged through education and sharing. Tony has been such a father figure to so many and we look forward to collaborating and attending many more shows in the future.’

Digital Connections

Digital connections matter so much to our community and our businesses.

As busy barbers, we stand united and connected across our social media platforms – collaborating with Booksy is going to ensure we all can access the latest technology in booking appointments and systems for our shops.

We look forward to giving you all the latest news and tools to keep on top of bookings and keep our barbershops busier than ever.

Booksy are offering all our members 25% off the first 3 months.

Click below to take up this great offer.

Read more about this fantastic collaboration CLICK HERE


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