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How to take the FREE British Master Barbers online Health and Safety course.

To take the British Master Barber’s FREE online barbering health and safety course please visit

  1. On the home screen press health and safety course button

  2. Read the health and safety editorial, teaching you about health and safety protocol in the barbering industry.

  3. Sign up your details so our system knows what name to add to the certificate / or if you have previously signed up log in using those previous details.

  4. Answer 30 simple questions to complete the course.

  5. On completion of the course a generate certificate button will appear press this and wait.

  6. A download certificate button will appear press this to download to your device some devices do not accept downloading so please use a device like a PC or Mac / laptop etc

  7. Once downloaded print off your certificate using a quality printer, frame and display in your shop or workplace.

If your name doesn’t appear on the certificate, this is usually caused by the high demand on our system and we would suggest you take the course again a few hours later to allow our system to catch up with the details you input.

Below is a video that guides you through the process.


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