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Haider Alsohaini

My names Haider commonly known as H or the butch. I have always been fascinated and passionate about old school Male Grooming techniques and cutting hair .

I myself have been barbering for over 16 years now, having competed many qualifications and achievements such as, degrees in art and interior design, NvqS in hairdressing and barbering as well as working all over UK and Europe. I established BELLA BARBA gentlemen’s grooming salon 10 years ago, in Redditch, Worcestershire.

Over the years I have entered many shows, cutting exhibitions and gained many accreditation’s which helped me to develop myself and gain more knowledge, experience and motivation, as I was always taught that knowledge has no limits.

One of my recent achievements and accreditation’s was BRITISH MASTER BARBER, which helped me and my business to stand out amongst those who do not put as much love and passion into this industry. I have been a member of British master barbers association for years now as well as other bodies such as hair council.

It builds a trust between myself and my customers once they see my qualifications and accreditation’s as they know that time and effort, passion and love have been put into this industry and my business and I would highly recommend to those barbers who care about their business and self development to register with the body which will boost their confidence and clientele as well as make them stand out from those who are trying to bring down this industry.

'Our mission' at Bella Barba was always to restore some good old traditional grooming values back to the community, we also wanted to create an establishment with an environment where men can come and feel special, get pampered, enjoy quality surroundings, as well as feeling totally relaxed and comfortable at the same time.

Sadly, in this day and age, it is increasingly hard to find Barbers that concentrate on services to the extent of male grooming. They tend to concentrate on turnover and consequently that personal touch has disappeared from our suburban high street Barbers shops.


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