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Debbie Marie Williamson mature student, known as the Punky Barber

“The feeling of success is a special one, And this feeling becomes magical when you achieve success against all odds in life”

My name is Debi Marie Williamson. I’m a level 3 student at City College in Plymouth. I’m a mature student & known as the Punky Barber!

I started my learning journey approximately four years ago with a Ladies Hairdressing Diploma, but due to issues with my health, I took the decision to learn Barbering & enrolled on a 6 month course at City College in Plymouth. Being a disabled mature student, I have received wonderful personal support which has helped me to progress. I absolutely love it.

Last year I returned to study for a year`s course, the City & Guilds level 3 Barbering Certificate which has been a great experience for my own personal growth.

My son has additional needs which I found was so upsetting as a parent to witness the trauma of him having his haircut. It would take ages to get it cut with lots of screaming & crying, I decided that I could learn & do it myself to prevent his anxiety.

I was constantly told that I would never ever be able to go to college or get a job due to my constant health issues. I am proud to say that I’ve proved them all wrong. For

some people being told that you will never amount to anything, gives you the spark to prove them wrong, however difficult!

Since the start of my education, I have met many different Barbers & have made some great friends. British Master Barbers has proved an invaluable source of information, support & advice for me. I have recently taken & passed the free Health & Safety Certificate on their website. This has boosted my confidence & I now look forward to the next part of my Barbering journey.


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