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Cutting Children's Hair, The BMB guide

Cutting young children's' hair professionally can be challenging and requires a combination of technical skill, patience, and understanding of their specific needs. Anthony Copeland @Masterbarberuk offers some tips to help you achieve a professional haircut for young kids :

1. Communication is key: Before starting the haircut, have a conversation with the child and their parent or guardian. Understand their expectations, preferences, and any specific concerns they may have. This will help you tailor the haircut to their liking and guide them ensure a positive experience.

2. Create a comfortable environment: Make the child feel at ease by creating a welcoming and child-friendly atmosphere in your salon or workspace. I always acknowledge the kids the moment they enter the shop, provide distractions like high fives, fist bumps, toys or even a TV show to keep them engaged and relaxed during the haircut.

3. Choose the right tools: Invest in high-quality hair cutting tools, including scissors, clippers, combs and quiet hairdryers specifically designed for children's hair. Ensure that your tools are clean, sharp, and well-maintained to achieve precise and professional results.

4. Start with clean, damp hair: Damp hair is easier to work with and allows for better control and precision while cutting. be careful of knots as pulling can turn the youngsters attention to a non positive. Show them what you are doing and even pretend on yourself or their parents to ease them.

5. Use appropriate techniques: Depending on the desired style, use a combination of scissor-over-comb, clipper cutting, and blending techniques. Be mindful of the child's comfort and adjust your techniques accordingly. Use slow gentle and controlled movements to avoid any accidental pulls or cuts.

6. Be patient and flexible: Children may have shorter attention spans and may become restless during the haircut. Take breaks if needed and be patient with their movements or fidgeting. Adapt your approach to accommodate their comfort and work at a pace that suits them.

7. Pay attention to detail: Focus on achieving clean lines, even lengths, and a well-blended finish. Take your time to ensure symmetry and precision in the haircut. Use a mirror to check the haircut from different angles and make any necessary adjustments. Kids can have extremely thin blonde hair which will show up any cut marks if not layered correctly. Try to avoid thinning scissors as there is a higher chance of pulling.

8. Offer styling advice: Once the haircut is complete, provide styling advice to the child and their parent or guardian. Recommend suitable hair products and demonstrate how to style the hair to maintain the desired look.

9. Maintain professionalism and hygiene: Maintain a professional demeanor throughout the haircut, ensuring that your workspace is clean and organized. Follow proper hygiene practices, including using clean tools, sanitizing surfaces, and providing clean capes or towels for each client.

10. Build rapport and trust: Establishing a good rapport with the child and their family is crucial for repeat business and referrals. Engage in friendly conversation, offer praise and encouragement, and make the experience enjoyable for the child.

Remember, each child is unique, and their hair may have different textures, thicknesses, or growth patterns. Adapt your techniques and approach accordingly to meet their individual needs. With practice, patience, and a child-friendly approach, you can provide professional haircuts that leave both the child and their parents satisfied. These Children are your future customers. If you look after them now you could receive a lifetime of future custom.


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