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Catherine Shaw

“Meet Our Members ”

Catherine Shaw   

Razors Barbers  56 Union Road  Harthill  Sheffield  S26 7YH                                                                            Mobile 07864 713765  

1. Tell us about your shop:

Razors opened in 2007 in the little village of Harthill on the outskirts of

Sheffield. We offer a good quality haircuts, keeping up with the latest styles

but staying true to our roots using traditional methods. We pride ourselves on

my Signature shave; where I use essential oils and a special face massage to

ensure my customers leave feeling refreshed and looking sharp.

2. Tell us about your Achievements:

I was trained in Sheffield, I completed a 3 year apprentice: 2 year advanced; City and Guilds. 1 year Advanced Gents Barbering and then my Level 3 NVQ:

 I have shaving qualification and some Diplomas in Razor Cutting, and my most recent qualification is Assessing to Assess.

Recently I have become a British Master Barber. Firstly you have to prove & provide evidence of your qualifications, Secondly, you must have been in the trade for a minimum of five years & finally you are required to send a video to show what skills you possess that makes you a master whilst working on a client. You are not just buying a plaque & really prove you have what it takes to raise your profile in the community.

3. What are your future goals?:

My goals are to pass my passion for barbering on to anyone who is willing to

learn; I love meeting other barbers who are as passionate about the trade as

me and I love working on beards.

4.Where do you get your inspiration from:

I get my inspiration from visiting many educational seminars;

Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube.

5.Are Seminars and Workshops an important part of your business?:

I have been to every one of the British Master Barber Live shows, and have found

them hugely important with my development and keeping my skills fresh.

6.What are your thoughts on the British Master Barber’s Alliance

I love being a member of British Master Barbers who support us & try to inform the public that we are qualified & skilled in all we do. They help everyone in

the industry better themselves through education and support.

7.What is your favourite Barbering tool and product?:

My favourite tools are anything that makes life easier! Cordless clippers and

detailers are a must for a sharp finish. I do like my Matakki scissors, James

always gives a fantastic service. Uppercut Matt Pomade is my favourite product.


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