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Barbers Against Blades

Barbers Against Blades are a dedicated, nationwide, community of barbers united in the fight against knife crime. Together we are providing safe and non judgemental places for anyone with any concerns about knife crime to chat in confidence. We are joining forces with professional barbers who want to reduce the number of people carrying knives in the UK. We want to offer a safe anonymous environment where anyone can deposit a knife in one of our dedicated knife amnesty boxes. Alongside this we raise money to help fund youth community projects, promote education and aid victim support. Barbers we want you to join us,  Simply by donating just one haircut a month we will send you a welcome pack which includes t-shirt and stickers to advertise your shop as part of Barbers Against Blades. 

Barbers Against Blades was set up by Lock Stock and Barber in South Petherton, Somerset. We started with a simple group of objectives to raise awareness of knife crime at street level, we aim to carry out these objectives and spread the word about knife crime by creating a network of barbers who are willing to remove knives from our streets. We want to create a safe, anonymous, non-judgemental environment allowing individuals to deposit their knives. If you and your barbershop want to get involved contact us via:

Just Giving page, for donations, is


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