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Anderson Boyce

My very first professional barber role came about when I was seventeen

years old in a small barbershop in East London. For the next 8 years I worked in three or four barber shops in the East London are, homing in on my skill set, clientele base, drive, customer service and professionalism.

After a few years bouncing from barbershop to barber shop I found an establishment that I felt was right for me and my intended progress. I stayed grounded at this particular salon for a six year period which allowed me to build a healthy clientele base, enter various competitions and create a ‘buzz’ in an industry I was fairly new in at the same time.

Throughout my time in the industry I have been fortunate enough to establish my own barbering brand, salons and training academy; Hairforce 1. It wasn’t until February 2009 that Hairforce 1 was born; this was my very first barbering business and at the age of 26 I felt I had a lot to learn. The project was a huge success, so much so that I decided to open a second location 2 years later. Since then Hairforce 1 has gone from strength to strength, making the transition from Barber Shop to Barber Brand. We have various community projects in place in an attempt to help those less fortunate through the art of barbering. Such projects include our ‘Career Cuts’ scheme whereby job seekers who have successfully secured a pending interview are eligible for a free haircut and some interview coaching. We have also teamed up with various charities including Centre Point to help the homeless by raising funds and providing free haircut services. With the birth of Hairforce 1 Training Academy in 2016, we felt this was a great opportunity to give something back to the community, something that could potentially change lives forever by giving people from all backgrounds a skill for life. I believe quite strongly that barbering changed my life, I believe it has given me purpose, determination, confidence, business goals and above all else a life skill that nobody can take away. The ethos of Hairforce 1 Training Academy is simple; “if I can do it, you can too”. If the art of barbering can change the life of me then it can change the life of anybody with a genuine thirst for learning.

In early 2016 Hairforce 1 had the honour of becoming acquainted with The British Master Barbers; a super bunch of Barbers who created a platform for barbers from all walks of life, all shapes and sizes to come together to share, discuss, network and showcase their work among a community of likeminded people. It truly is a one of a kind platform, one of which I had never seen before within the barbering industry. The warmth and welcoming I received from the British Master Barbers played heavily in my quick decision to become part of the alliance. Since that point the BMB has, on numerous occasions, invited myself to judge barber battle competitions, stage demos and more. This was another turning point in my career, one that gave me the confidence to progress on a personal level. I look forward to growing my relationship with the BMB, the help and support they gave and continue to give to the industry is un-paralleled. id like to consider myself an experienced member of the barber industry, and after so many years of dealing with and interacting with barbering organisations up and down the uk i have never felt more support, help, unity or open arms displayed to me then by the British Master Barbers . The British Master Barbers are more than just an alliance, they are family.


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