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Wahl Cordless Super Taper Clippers

Wahl Cordless Super Taper Clippers

Rrp £80

Designing a cordless version of Wahl's best selling clipper was always going to be world wide a hit with fans of the original super taper.

The lithium Ion battery means you'll get 90 minutes of cutting time and 120 minute charging time from empty to full.

Initially when picking up this item, my main concern was again (build quality) The clippers felt very light compared with other corded clippers, this also raised concerns with possible motor power issues.

My curiosity got the better of me and I decided to buy them anyway.

My First impressions of the Cordless Super Taper were pretty good.

Apart from the lightweight feel and higher pitched sound of the motor, the clippers seems to perform really well.

They didn't really get hot, kept they're power and having the freedom of a cordless clipper means you don't have worry about the cable getting caught on anything, or when clients have their hands on the outside of the gown, the wire just doesn't get in the way.

I did come up against a few minor issues though.

The two blade screws require an Alan key to open, this can be annoying if you only have a normal screw driver set. (but I swapped them over with spare screws from an old set of clippers)

So when you do finally get the blade cover off and try to zero gap the clippers, they seem to make a high pitched rubbing metallic noise. This means if you were doing bald fades without a power supply, then the Cordless Super Taper wont be able to get close enough to remove any lines put in by your detailers.

Also you never really know how much time is left within the clippers as they have no power indicator.

Initially the mains charger came with a dental floss width cable, which unfortunately didn't last too long if their battery ran out and had to be plugged in whilst being used.

Although this problem has now been rectified with a replacement cable that is much thicker.

I had to cut my faulty wire and rejoin it and then insulate it with electrical tape, which is far from Ideal.

These are the only real faults I could find with the Cordless Super Taper. The device has ran brilliantly with no problems.

I find it ideal for shorter beard trims as not having a cable lets you cut at almost any angle.

I also find it perfect for using on children, as being lightweight when the child sometimes lift up they're shoulders when you're trying to taper the neck , it's perfect as you can easily adjust your cutting angle and carry on. Without the need for a taser (JOKE)

Overall Impression of the Wahl Cordless Super Taper is.


Cordless (obviously) Powerful freedom of movement Great Simple Design Easy to use Great for beginners Lightweight Reliable Double groove underneath for better grip Stays cool Strong


Cordless (limited cutting time) Less powerful than the corded version (5500 spm) Cant zero gap (even with a fade blade) No power indicator Thin wired charger( although that's changed)

I give these clippers 4.2 out of 5.0

They're a really great clippers to have in your collection and great for beginners.

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