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The Babyliss pro VX880

These clippers are pretty striking to look at as they don't really resemble anything else on the market

Although when I look at them I'm reminded of the classic powerhouse Oster 76 and the Andis Excel 2 speed, although this is where the similarities seem to end.

I found even my clients seemed to comment on them looking all shiny and metallic, hanging on the wall.

So I've used these clippers for a number of months, even going back to them after a break when I chipped the ceramic blade on my Oster Fast Feeds.

For some reason the blade sits at an angle that seems to cause the clippers to stop and bump into the scalp or slow down when passing over a lump or dent in my clients head.

Clippers should really glide over in one fluid motion to minimize lines created when cutting into the hair.

When switching on these clippers I instantly got the impression that the motor was running too quickly and was causing a lot of vibration, because I wear a silver ring on each hand, when they touch the metal body it make a high pitched buzzing sound which can be a little annoying and distracting.

I have to say there is no denying these are a very powerful clipper and cut very easily cut through thick long hair, but what I do find is the speed of the motor causes the cut hair to flick all over the place and right up my arm and sometimes in my eyes, which is not too impressive. You also need to make sure to oil the blades after almost every haircut due to they're high speed motor, although I never experienced the blades becoming too hot

When it came to cleaning these clippers, things got interesting (not in a good way)

I took the screws off and found the cutting blade is attached to two flimsy looking wires which is definitely a cause for concern, they seem to be spring loaded, so when I removed both screws the cutting blade comes right out on the wires. The blade looks fiddly and makes me worry about bending the wires when trying to remove to replace the blade.

Also quite a big problem arises when you want to clean the inside of the clippers which seems to have a huge cave like crevice inside full of hair, it's really difficult to clean out all the hair, even when using a toothbrush I still couldn't remove all of it.

Looking at the VX880's cable it's refreshilgly long when compared with other clippers and a little thicker too. Although where it joins the base of the clipper next to the hanger hook located next to the switch, there seems to be ample room for hair to get stuck around the edges. making it look grubby.

It's lever seems to have convenient notches on the side which make it great for beginners (like the Andis Fade masters), but another thing that concerns me is the two pieces of plastic on each side adjusting lever and I worry that they'll become worn over time.

This attractive clipper is great for bulk cutting , but personally I don't find to be very good for fading as it reminds me of a bull in a China shop with all power and no finesse.

I rate it 3.5 out of 5.

I really hoped you enjoyed reading my review and find the information helpful.

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