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The New Wahl Li+ Pro2 Clipper and Mini Trimmer

Wahl Li+ Pro 2 Clipper and Mini Trimmer

First impressions of the new Wahl Li+ Pro 2 out of the box are good. Love the look and feel of the clipper in my hand, light weight (but not too light) and I can’t wait to test out the three speed function in the barbershop.

I took my new Pro 2 clipper to the barbershop rather excited and found I was using them compulsively. The fastest speed setting was perfect for bulk cutting going from haircut to haircut, while the lowest speed was ideal for tapering and for children’s haircuts to give me full control. I tended to keep going between the high and low speeds rigidly while leaving out the middle speed, personally I haven’t found a use for this speed as of yet but I’m sure I will.

The Wahl Li+ Pro 2 is brilliant for clipper over comb. The cordless, light weight & compact design makes it ideal for this ever present aspect of barbering. Some people may not like the lightweight design but personally I think it sets itself apart from the big clumsy clippers that are currently on the market.

One negative in amongst a lot of positives would be the fact that it has launched at £204. This is more than I would usually pay for a clipper but this can be justified with new and unique features. The fact the Wahl Li+ Pro 2 has a maintenance warning icon which gives low oil, battery and lets you know of potential faults is a something that is both helpful and convenient.

I do like cordless because of the hassle with moving the wire around the customer but often find that I am caught short on a busy day. These clippers are lithium Ion so do last me a lot longer with less charge time. Unfortunately I doubt I will find a cordless clipper that will completely get me through a busy Saturday without the drop in battery, but these definitely keep me going for longer.

Overall, the Wahl Li+ Pro 2 is a smart and stylish clipper, it is the all round and convenient clipper I have been looking for. I have been excessively using these for three weeks straight, with many of my other clippers not getting a look in.

Lithium-Ion battery technology provides the Li+ Pro² with exceptional run and charge times which are superior to most professional clippers. The speed functions operate for 90 to 120 minutes from a 60 minute charge, depending on the speed selected.

The Li+ Pro² is the perfect clipper for barbers who love the newest gadgets and technology. Wahl is further enhancing this product with the accompanying launch of the Li+ Pro² Mini hair trimmer as an optional component.

The Li+ Pro² Mini is cordless and weighs just 120g and has similar features to its hair clipper counterpart, minus the smart-display. Lithium-Ion technology provides it with 90 minute run time from a 30 minute charge. The Li+ Pro² Mini also features a new improved efficient motor which far exceeds any mini trimmer on the market. The mini Clipper is a great improvement on the the original first generation Li+pro. The quality of the build is far better and a slight improvement of the clipper head attachment lugs can be seen.

Simon Shaw, European Artistic Director, Wahl (UK) Ltd. commented, “we are proud to launch the Li+ Pro² – the smartest and most versatile clipper to enter the professional market. New features, combined with advanced Lithium-Ion technology, mean this clipper is set to change the dynamics of clippers available to professional barbers.”“The Li+ Pro² Mini hair trimmer is an excellent add-on to the Li+ Pro² clipper, transforming the hair styling experience”, said Simon Shaw, he went on to say “the Wahl Li+ Pro² range offers revolutionary new product development, and we are thrilled to be introducing it to professionals.”

Li+ Pro² Clipper SSP £169.99 Ex. VAT. Li+ Pro² Mini Trimmer SSP £109.99 Ex. VAT.

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