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The Daimon Barber

BRAND: The Daimon Barber
PRODUCTS: Clay Pomade, Wax Pomade, Gel Pomade, Classic Pomade, Hair Pomade

The Daimon Barber was conceived in 2011 by two London based brothers with backgrounds in design and classic barbering and a shared vision to create men’s grooming products that set a new standard for innovation, quality and lasting effect.

When the Daimon Barber’s new range of pomades landed at the British Master Barbers Head quarters the size and weight of the box instantly drew our attention.

On opening the large box the attention to detail was clear, Containing the full range of five coloured glass jars with traditionally styled paper labels. Between the jars a beautiful double tooth comb that has been artfully fashioned by hand from the finest natural cow horn, sporting the Daimon Barber logo and a booklet containing details on all the featured products.

We’ve spent around three weeks testing these products on varied styles and hair types and found the full available range covers most of the required elements needed to support todays complex styles.

Clay pomade for a water washable matte look. Easily applied to dry hair for a thick textured feel and strong hold.

Wax Pomade was the only product in this range that we found very awkward to apply, this was due to the hardness of the product, warming with a hairdryer made it easier to handle.

Gel Pomade is an original idea with a unique aroma. The long term hold similar to a wet gel and the great shine of a pomade.

Hair Pomade is made with Bee propolis thought to prevent hair loss while its anti-bacterial properties protect the hair and keep the scalp healthy. It offers a hold that will last and an amazing scent.

Classic Pomade had similarities in hold and final look to the Hair Pomade but varies in its classic spicy aroma. Easily applied Its perfect for showcasing many styling techniques.

This product range really adds to the shelves of any traditional barbershop and will be noted by customers looking for products with originality.

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