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Larry The Barber man

The Interviews


 Larry the Barber man is commonly known in the barbering world as a provider of USA Clippers and 60hz power convertors to make them run perfectly within the UK. Along side this, Larry travels the world talking to and filming the views and thoughts of some of the industries most influential barbers.

In these videos Larry talks to some of the British Master Barbers founders and Ambassadors.


Find out more about larry at

The Foss Academy

The Mayfair Barber Series Videos


The Foss Academy is a unique training company that specialises in delivering prestigious education to the men’s grooming market.


With more than 20 years’ experience, Foss Academy front man, Chris Foster is considered a leading player within the male hairdressing industry.  His unique stance incorporates traditional barbering with a modern flair, thus ensuring a constant delivery of fresh and innovative ideas to men’s hairdressing. His distinctive approach to male grooming is evident in examples of his work as Creative Director at The Refinery in Mayfair, as well as the Harrods Barbershop in Central London.


Visit for further details and training courses.

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