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Wahl T Cut

Hi Guys.

These are a cordless trimmer with a T-Wide blade (same size as the wide T-Blade on the Wahl detailers)

I've been using these consistently for almost one year now.

I have to say I'm really impressed with their power, even though the blade is designed for outlining the hair, they are really soft and have never pinched or left marks on clients necks.

You also have the freedom of not having wires getting in the way when you're trying to trim the beards growing out of clients noses and ears.

When it comes to sharpness, this is where the T-Cut seems to fall short of the mark. It can't seem to get the lines crisp enough, I've never tried to adjust the cutting blade as I'm not sure it's possible and also looks a little plasticy and easy to break.

Another downside to the these trimmers is after a few months of continuous use, the battery seems to be struggling to power the T-Cuts motor consistently and you can hear the motor speed running faster and slower.

These trimmers also find it hard to trim beard hair, often pulling out hairs on the neckline as the blade can't cut through the coarseness of thicker hair.

The T-Cuts are very easy to clean, as the blade just pops right off and inside is really easy to brush away any hair that has got trapped inside the trimmers.

The recharging dock is a good size for anyone with limited space and it's pretty compact. The wire from the recharging dock is also pretty thin and a good length to be discreetly tucked along a skirting board or behind a cabinet.

I've dropper the Wahl T-Cut trimmers on more than one occasion and find them to be very robust, the blade seems to detach itself from the body to absorb the shock as the trimmers hit the floor, unlike other trimmers I have used in the past that have either broken or needed to have their blades readjusted.

These trimmers will set you back a whopping £84 (barber blades price), £24 more than the (corded) Wahl Detailers. While I can understand that these trimmers are a new design, I just don't think that they're sharp enough or powerful enough to justify the high price you'll have to pay to own one. My suggestion is, it's worth buying a pair of T-Cuts if you work in an area that young children have very sharp and short haircuts and fades, lines and hair tattoos, as these cordless trimmers are very soft on delicate skin.

I give them a rating of 3.5 out of 5.0 , this is due to their high price and lack of sharpness.


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