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Theo Petrocelli "Lucky 13"

British Master Barbers, “The Peoples Barber”

Fashion is created mostly in normal non-celebrity Barbershops run by dedicated owners & their teams on the High Roads & Back Streets of the United Kingdom.“It`s more than a haircut, it’s a lifestyle”

Theo Petrocelli`s shop “Lucky 13” is to be found in a quaint shopping arcade in Lytham St. Anne's. After many years as a doorman, to avoid a troubled background, he decided to change his career after a good friend suggested that he would make a great Barber.

Theo took his education very seriously and qualified in NVQ level 2 and level 3 in Barbering whilst working in a traditional Barbershop. Since then he cut his teeth in the industry by managing three different shops.

Last year with the passion & confidence gained in the craft, he decided to take the plunge & open his own business “Lucky 13 Barbershop”

After 12 months of relentless working 7 days a week building up the business & gaining a following of loyal customers, he is now in the enviable position to take on another Barber, who also happens to be a great friend Nichola “Barber Red” Redmond to work in the shop.

Theo, is a proud member of British Master Barbers & has risen to the ranks of Grand Master Barber working on their various stage platforms at British Master Barber Live & around the UK & became an ambassador for Ninja Scissors. He has worked at a few local colleges delivering the NVQ Qualifications that started his career on the right foot. Passionate about learning the basic traditional skills at the start, he makes an ideal tutor.

Theo is also a registered Master Craftsman with the Hair Council.


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