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The Official Barbering Health & Safety Course is now live


The British Master Barbers have been working very hard over the last year creating the very first online health and safety course. Alongside Mike Taylor Education and The Great British Barbering Academy the course includes the latest H&S protocol to keep you up to date with current legislation and advisory methods. For barbers that may not hold formal qualifications or have done their training many years ago this course offers the opportunity for basic Continual Professional development and keeping on top of the latest requirements.

With a free personalised generated certificate that you can print out, frame and display in your own barbershop, you can show that you're a barber that takes customers well being seriously.


As this course is available FREE OF CHARGE why not add it to your own training course? Many students at barbering schools, colleges and training academies have already gained the further knowledge in an area that we all agree is the most important within the barber industry. Some training courses can easily float over this important element and not display the overall importance. By receiving a personalised certificate within a short time it has been noted that morale in many training facilities has raised and adds further connection to the importance of health and safety throughout their career.


The British Master Barbers have created the Official online Health and Safety course to be simple, understandable and a refreshment of basic protocol and requirements.

1: Learn the current Health and Safety Coursework

2: Take the 30 question course.

​3: On completion of the course you will receive a certificate that you can print out, frame and display in your shop.

Show your customers you have the knowledge in the most important area of the barbering industry. Show your professionalism.


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