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Superscript, The Master Barbers Choice For Insurance

We are proud to announce that Superscript is the official insurance partner of the British Master Barbers. We have joined forces with this dynamic insurance company as they have a product designed specifically for barbering.

Whether you're a barbershop owner or work as a self-employed mobile barber, Superscript has got you covered.

To celebrate this partnership, Superscript is offering British Master Barbers members 2 free months of cover.

You can find this offer by clicking the box below.

Refreshingly straight to the point and free-from jargon, Superscript offers barbers a no-nonsense approach to getting insured in just a few clicks. Subscription-based, it can be tailored, adjusted and updated any time, free of charge. When it comes to rates, we have been blown away by the value for money. It can start from as little as £5.14 a month.

Anthony Copeland, co-founder of The British Master Barbers’ says:

‘Let’s face it, getting yourself and your business insured can be a minefield, and potentially a rushed job before the renewal is due. We want our barbering community to prioritise insurance, it is best practice to have the right cover. We now have Superscript on board to offer you the advice and guidance on the best type of insurance for you. It’s there to protect you, should anything happen. This weekend, go and look at the insurance package you currently have, compare it to Superscript and put a calendar note in at least a month beforehand.’

Henry Newby, Partnerships Director at Superscript, says:

“The British Master Barbers does fantastic work supporting and enhancing the work of British Barbers. It’s run by real, barbers who understand the value of a flexible insurance policy that is neatly shaped around their specific risks - whether that comes from traveling into the homes of their customers, or running a shop on a high street. That’s why we’re bringing this exclusive offer of two months free insurance to BMB members, so they can do their best work in the comfort of knowing they are properly covered for all eventualities.”

There are no badgering calls, chasing you for custom, and no long and laborious documents to read and fill in. Just hop on the website and get an instant quote.

Over the coming months, we will be sharing news and content from the team at Superscript, we’ll even have some sessions where you can pose your questions.


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