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Sarrelle McCann Boslowick Barbers

“Enthusiasm can help you find new doors, but it takes passion to open them”

In 2016 with a clear vision, Sarrelle McCann and Sam Carter opened Boslowick Barbers in Falmouth Cornwall. The vision was to be much more than a Barbershop, in fact the idea was to incorporate being a community hub. Sam came up with the idea of registering the barber shop to become a “safe place” which meant that anyone who felt vulnerable would not get judged, have access to the phone and would be offered assistance if needed.

Offering an exciting future for the partners with new, fresh ideas combined with a love for the industry, the shop continues to thrive, as does the surrounding community.

Sarrelle has worked with 28 years in the industry & feels more passionate now than ever before. After starting in the industry at the age of 14, she is still educating herself to achieve her ambitions & goals. After working in local hairdressers, she began to love the vibe of the Barbershop & became addicted to the great atmosphere which has proved great for their social life too!

Enjoying sharing the many conversations with clients, which for some, we may be the only people they see in the day. I feel that its good to be a listening ear & to help make a difference to the client`s day.

Customer care is my priority & I`m sure thats why so many clients just pop by to say hello because they know they are welcome”.

The business has an enthusiastic well-trained team, dealing with adults, children & those with special needs that can easily gain entry to the shop by a ramp. The team spends time getting to know our clients, which makes it even more of a personal service.

Sarrelle was awarded British Master Barbers accreditation in 2019, & is also a State Registered Senior Hairdresser and Barber. Now her aim is set on working towards becoming a British Grand Master Barber. This has been helped by working & assisting at the local Camborne College & giving hands on talks & demo`s to the students about what is required to be shop ready when leaving the college. The future is bright for Boslowick barbers !


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