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As we continue with the Lockdown 2.0, we want to bring you valuable information from experts so when we reopen, we are fully ready to go.

The British Master Barbers has joined forces with Saloncide Solutions to talk all things cleaning.

Saloncide Solution, Barber Cleaning, Barbershop Covid-19

Saloncide offers a cleaning range for tools, equipment and surfaces. They also have an extensive range of PPE.

When we can see clients again, we will need to continue with rigorous cleaning protocols to protect everyone from the spread of COIVD-19.

Its a good time to review your cleaning SOPs and stock of PPE.

Could you make your cleaning procedures more efficient, save time and with-it money?

Now is the time to invest in a new range of cleaning products!

If you haven’t tried Saloncide Solutions before or want to stock up we are offering one salon the chance to win a Starter Pack worth £29.95 + VAT, which includes 3x 250ml sprays and 1x 1L Refill.

To enter like the @saloncidesolutions Facebook page and make a comment below. Good luck.

Saloncide offers confidence as its tested and effective to EN standards against bacteria, fungi and enveloped viruses, which includes coronavirus.

The range also saves time as you don’t have to rinse with water, literally just spray and leave to air dry.

Saloncide has another major benefit in that it continues to work after applying, most other disinfectants don’t have this capability.

Find out more about the range visit

To order email: 🙏


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