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Robert Grosvenor

I was privileged to be awarded the grand master barber award earlier this year live on the stage at Barber Uk where I had been helping the BMB with a

important demonstration. The BMB were supporting CHECT a charity for fighting eye cancer in children after finding out Mike Taylor’s Daughter had been suffering with this terrible condition.

I’ve now been barbering over 36 years and still have a huge passion for the craft!

I’ve really seen how the industry has grown over the last 5 years, with social media having a huge impact on barbering. Its important for a barber to invest in a good quality camera, decent lighting and a fresh, white backdrop make the images you upload look far more professional. Your images are advertising your skill. A cheap phone or camera may not show a high quality haircut to its best potential.

Long gone have the quick short back and sides. It’s all about male grooming. Offering those extra services such as nose and ear waxing, traditional shaves, face masks and enhancing the hair with colour. I have started to offer educational workshop sessions to other barbers so I can share my knowledge and passion.

Unfortunately Barbering is yet to be governed and regulated in the Uk. The importance of correct hygiene and following health and safety protocol is always a concern to me. Evidently putting a structure in the barbershop will ensure all standards are met. A lot of fellow barbers have approached me with concerns of too many barbershop opening without the relevant, insurance training, health & safety and only charging ridiculously low prices for a haircut. My advice to this would be don’t worry about what others are doing, focus on your own clientele and barbershop.

From day one in my career I have always applied 100% in everything I do. I apply 3 key words to every cut I do, sharp, polished and finished. In my barbershop we have now started to offer a annual membership package offering unlimited haircuts for one fee. I think this is a brilliant concept that creates customer loyalty. I always one for trying new things as they say you never stop learning.


stay humble and true to yourself.


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