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Lucy Quance - RQ’s Barbershop

“Sometimes it takes only one act of kindness & caring to

change a persons life”

Lucy Quance and her business partner Hannah Ray started RQ`s Barbershop as their business just over three years ago. Lucy had worked ten years with the previous owner. The shop was renamed & rebranded to create our own identity & has been a success with great support from our local community who have become our friends over the years. Barbering really our passion!

Our clients find themselves in a very friendly, relaxed & chilled place. This is very important to us as we genuinely care about our customers and we like them to know how important they are to us!

We open later on Mondays and Tuesdays for children that struggle with getting their hair cut & have the shop to themselves where their trust can be built. Also, a late night on Friday for the guys that are suffering with anxiety, depression or they just want a private chat and again that means they have the privacy of the shop to themselves.

What can I say, we love our shop and all of our customers. Barbering really is my passion! Due to the Covid lock-down, it temporarily feels like our identity has been stripped away from us.

It`s very important to learn new things and fresh techniques by visiting Barbering conventions as much as the working time table allows. Speaking on behalf of all the Barbering community, being a member of British Master Barbers has definitely helped us get through this difficult time with constant support & have recently taken the free BMB Health & Safety Certificate.

Barbering is the life & loving every minute of it !

This from Bristol is tracing her family tree after finding a photo of her ancestor sat in a barber’s chair nearly 100 years ago.

Lucy Quance, was amazed to be handed a previously unseen picture found by her parents whilst clearing out her Grandad’s house.

The sepia print showed her Great Grandad as a suited and booted dapper gent in the early 20th century. Scribbled on the back of the photo in a copperplate hand is the inscription: “Horace Andrew Quance, circa 1925”. Other family albums have captioned the photo “Horace Andrew Quance Hairdressing Salon circa 1930.”

Ms Quance, 42, who has been in the trade for 25 years, is now hooked on finding out more.

She said: “It feels like fate to be following in his footsteps. We’ve been researching the family tree online and found out from the 1911 Census that a Horace Quance worked as a Barber’s assistant in Saltash at the age of 14.

“It always felt a bit random that I’d got into barbering, but now it makes sense - it’s in the blood!

“I can’t wait to visit Saltash and put an appeal in the local papers to find out where his shop once stood. I doubt it’s still there but it’s so fascinating trying to uncover his story.

“I keep thinking about all the changes the industry has seen - so many decades have passed since he plied his trade.

“Plus, like so many other barbers out there, I’ve been heartbroken at having to close my beloved shop for over two months due to COVID-19 & this project has definitely helped me to cope during lockdown!”

RQ’s Barbershop,

152 Church Road,

Bristol, BS5 9HN


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