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Louise Smith Winston's Blighty Barbers

“In order to be a success in business, there is one thing you must do. You cannot be successful without it. That is work”

Hi my name is Louise Smith. I started my career at the age of 14 as a Saturday girl in a unisex salon.

I enjoyed it so much that I was in the shop voluntarily during my holidays & after school. I was luckily given the opportunity to take a 3 year in house apprenticeship where I learned Ladies & Gents hairdressing.

My cousin regularly spent a fortune having Flat Tops & allowed me to practice on him between his appointments. I loved the work & decided that Barbering was the career choice for me. It was not so common then to see a Lady Barber as it is now!

I managed to get a job with an old school barber, that trained me up in all the traditional methods of Barbering such as scissor over comb, clipper work, outlining and tapering.

Today I proudly own Winstons’s Blighty Barber Shop in Wimborne Dorset where we have five working. I`ve had the shop since September 2017, although, I have now been in the industry since 1984. I have always loved learning new things & still do. I am so happy when a customer returns saying that it’s the best Haircut-

they`ve ever had. Our clients tell us that they enjoy the teamwork & the atmosphere when visiting Winston`s Blighty Barbers. My daughter Daisy helps out as our Saturday girl for now, although she has plans to go to university, we all think she would make an excellent Barber!

We think British Master Barbers is awesome, loving the fact they look after us Barbers and keep us up to date on everything. BMB is amazing for us as there is always genuine help at hand when you need it, with good advice especially at the moment with Covid -19. It`s good to know BMB have got our backs!


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