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How your business growth and business insurance need to be aligned

Keeping your insurance looking tidy

Even the most perfect haircuts grow out eventually.

Just like the client who returns regularly for a fresh trim, it’s important to review your cover every so often to keep things looking tidy.

Why might you need to check your insurance?

It’s good practice to keep your insurance up to date, as your barbering business changes or grows. By keeping your cover up to date you’re less likely to overpay for covers you don’t need, and importantly avoid having incorrect or insufficient cover if a claim needs to be made.

Here are some reasons you might wish to review your existing insurance:

  • Hiring new employees

Whether it’s taking on your first, or adding your fiftieth you’ll need to keep your employers liability cover up to date, remember this cover is usually a legal requirement in the UK. You may need to let your insurer know each time you get a new permanent employee; for temporary workers, you may automatically be covered for a set number of days in any one period of insurance.

  • Launching a new service

If you expand your barbering business to offer new services, such as mobile visits or teaching sessions for trainee barbers for example, your liabilities may change. It’s always best to check with your insurer that you’re covered for any new business activity, and if not, to update your insurance.

  • Installing new tech

If you start taking bookings online for the first time or start taking card payments for your work, it’s worth checking you have adequate cyber insurance. As a barber it may seem unnecessary, but any business that stores client data or relies on third party systems in order to trade is liable to cyber risks. What’s more, cybercriminals are often more likely to target small businesses.

  • Opening a new barber shop

If you’re opening your first barber shop or expanding your portfolio, it’s best to check if any property or its contents are covered under your existing policy. Depending on whether you own the premises, or are renting it, you may want to consider landlord or shop insurance.

If that’s got you thinking you might need to freshen up your insurance, our partner Superscript is offering 2 months of free barbers insurance to all British Master Barbers.

Superscript provides month-to-month cover that you can tweak or cancel anytime you’d like, without extra fees. Their cover is rated 4.8 stars on Trustpilot and an online quote takes just 4 minutes, you can get full cover in just 10 minutes with instant access to your paperless documents online.


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