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Getting the right insurance for your business

5 reasons to check your cover

A buzz cut won’t suit everyone.

And one insurance policy is unlikely to suit all barbers, as business insurance is a catch-all term to represent an assortment of different and specific covers.

Getting the right cover as a barber will help you avoid overpaying for covers you don’t need, and importantly help you avoid being underinsured. Having incorrect or insufficient cover in the first place is one of the biggest reasons a claim will be unsuccessful.

If you’re wondering where to start, or whether you have the right cover in place, here are 5 things to consider when choosing your barber insurance:

  • You deal with people ALL the time

Meeting people every day to cut their hair, you can get to know your clients well over a number of years. In some cases people even trust talking to their barbers [more than the police].

But with that, the likelihood of a client injuring themself or damaging their property whilst getting a haircut is also very real. Public liability can cover against any claims relating to personal injury or damage to one of your clients, whether it’s a slip on a hair strewn floor or bleach damage to their clothing.

  • You can’t cut hair without your tools

Taking out equipment insurance will cover your clippers, shavers, scissors and other tools in the event of damage or theft so you can keep working.

  • You rely on your hands, and stand most of the day

Barbering can take a toll physically, if you find yourself unable to work personal accident cover can pay compensation if you’re unable to work for a period of time, or indefinitely.

  • You’re taking payment and bookings online

Using technology can speed up the admin side of being a barber, but it’s important to be mindful of cybercrime. Cyber insurance can cover things like data theft or system outage as a result of a cyber attack, if you use a payment platform for example.

  • You have employees to get through all the trims

If you have a team of trimmers, it’s a legal obligation in the UK to have suitable employers liability insurance in place (with some exceptions).

If you’re a barber shop owner, or are renting premises you may also want to consider landlord or shop insurance to cover your premises from things like damage, break ins and theft.

Just like at the end of a trim when you pull out the mirror and show the client the back of their hair, you can now say confidently of your insurance “yea, that looks alright”.

If that’s got you thinking you might need to try out a new look for your insurance, our partner Superscript is offering 2 months of free barbers insurance to all British Master Barbers.

Superscript provides month-to-month cover that you can tweak or cancel anytime you’d like, without extra fees. Their cover is rated 4.8 stars on Trustpilot and an online quote takes just 4 minutes, you can get full cover in just 10 minutes with instant access to your paperless documents online.


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