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Emily LeMay

Hi everyone. Please allow me to introduce myself, my name is Emily LeMay. I am an accredited British Master Barber and proud member of the alliance since 2015. I have been a barber for 16 years now, starting my

career at the age of 17, I signed up to a hairdressing Nvq at my local college but quickly realised whilst working on models my passion lay in the men’s hairdressing/barbering side of the course. Whilst I continued to gain my full hairdressing qualification, I joined a local barbershop and continued my education through watching the other barbers and practicing the things I had observed from my colleagues around me and practiced on any willing “victim” until I felt I had mastered that technique/skill/service.

Over the next 7 years I worked in a few barbershops starting as a junior/ new barber, progressing to a senior barber and then promoted to a shop manager but I knew I always wanted more. In 2013 I opened my own Barbershop. Even though it was exciting, it was hard work, lots of late nights and long days. I stumbled, I was naive at times, I made mistakes but I always learned. I worked hard and my business grew. During my time owning my shop I discovered the brilliance of trade shows, I had not realised just how much fun spending a weekend with people who share your passion could be. Over the years I have been to Barber UK, Barber Connect and British Master Barbers Live, more recently I have been lucky enough to be invited to do live demonstrations at a few trade stands and I have been very fortunate to have been asked to represent a Barber Company in Madrid at a congress event. I have made some wonderful friends who I probably would have never met had I not got involved with the British Master Barbers, this Alliance is full of fantastic people who will help and guide you, and it is the only organisation that has a true sense of family throughout its members. In 2017 some life changing events happened, meaning I had to give up my business and in a knock-on-effect move. Through the family & friends I had made via the British Master Barbers I had true support, advice and offers of employment, within a matter of weeks I had gone from rock bottom to a new life and a fresh start. I now work for Gould Barbers in Kings Lynn and although it feels a million miles away from where I started out 16 years ago I am entering this new stage in my career with excitement and I am looking forward to sharing my Knowledge.


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