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Do Business, Even Better

A new one has arrived! At Booksy we have redesigned everything with business owners like you in mind. If you're still looking for a partner to help you run and grow your business, check out our new solutions - Booksy Biz Lite and Booksy Biz Pro.

Better tools for managing the day-to-day.

Our new app design helps you breeze through your day. We've redesigned our most commonly used features – Calendar, Clients, and Checkout.

New ways to establish your voice.

Our built-in marketing tools got a complete makeover. Enjoy automated Message Blasts, more customisation for Social Posts and improvements to your Profile.

More support for your journey.

We elevated your in-app experience to set you up for success. Look for features that will help achieve your goals for your business.

Whether you’re looking for a simple mobile app to help you tackle the day-to-day or a full-featured business management solution, we’ve got you. Dive in, choose the option that’s best for you and prepare to experience business better.


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