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Cheryl Broad Bonds Barbershop Broadstone

My name is Cheryl Broad & I’ve been a Barber since 1984. I served a traditional apprenticeship starting with a one-year government funded YTS on placement in a salon & was kept on to attend day release college in Rotherham, South Yorkshire for the remainder of my training.

Since leaving Rotherham I’ve worked in Barber shops in Dorset & Bedford, as a “style director” for one of the largest companies in Europe & returned home to Barber shops.

My experience covers Afro, Asian & European gent`s hairdressing, flat tops, rockabilly, mod, mullets, gent`s naturalisation colouring & haircuts for people with birthmarks, scars & deformities.

I enjoy the intricacies of a technical haircut cut as much as the customer service & there is still no better feeling than when someone appreciates my efforts.

In January this year I started working for Mike Taylor at Bonds, Broadstone & can honestly say it’s a beautiful place to be!

I feel appreciated & actively encouraged to excel in every area this job has to offer. My pictures are of Mike’s shop (because I love working there) & two of my favourite customers who I am missing very much.

Being a barber is so much more than a job to me. It has been my passion & privilege for 36 years.

At the start of Lock-Down Cheryl immediately volunteered to be the

Well-Being Advisor on British Master Barbers Private Facebook Group to provide inspirational support for anyone one feeling the strain. The BMB Thank-You for all your hard work and effort in supporting others.


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