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Wahl 5 star Magic Clip.

So here is another clipper review,

This time it's the

Available from Barber Blades for £50

This Clipper has been on the market for quite a while now, but still remains very popular, especially with Afro Caribbean barbers, as Wahl have chosen to market their 5 star range towards Afro hair types.

The Wahl 5 Star Magic's V5000 motor runs at a constant speed of 6000 spm which is exactly the same as the Standard Wahl Super Taper. This is disappointing, as the US version has a V9000 motor (like the Wahl Legend) , which is far more powerful.

It's hard plastic housing means that the Magic is very light, but also very powerful able to cut through all hair types.

When using these clippers for prolonged periods of time, the Magic seems get extremely hot , so you'll either need to alternate with a different set of clippers, or keep spraying the blades with a cooling spray.

I wouldn't recommend these clippers for beginners for this reason , also because the magic comes with a thinner blade that's designed specifically for fading.

This means that because newer barbers take much longer to to cut hair,(especially when leaning to fade) the blades are going to get really hot.

Also because the fading blade is thinner, it needs a slightly lighter touch,(which is something learnt over time) as it will sometimes pull peoples hair out, especially when cutting thick hair at longer lengths. Also when tapering the neck, the thinner blade might dig into the skin on the nape and leave red marks.

First impressions when looking at the Magic are, it has an attractive design that is very appealing.

Because the Magics are designed for fading work, the lever extends from 0 mm length to 3 mm length, for more ease when fading, this really benefits the barber as it gives a smoother blend.

Lets look at the clippers build quality,

As with some other of the UK Wahl clippers, I've found due to the clippers all plastic body, whenever I have had to open them to clean, the smaller screws often struggle to grip the thread and when tightening, the screws will just turn and turn and never screw in tightly.

As result of this you we get needless vibration and sometimes loud buzzing noises which is not relaxing for clients.

My overall impression of the Wahl 5 Star Magic clip is,

Pros Cheap to buy Attractive looking Clipper Good for fading Powerful Adjusts from 00 mm - 3 mm Lightweight Easy to adjust No converter required

Cons Not as powerful as US version Gets very Hot Cheap build Quality Screws don't tighten properly Sometimes Buzzes loudly Not for beginners

I give the Wahl 5 Star Magic Clip 3.5 out of 5.0

This is mainly due to the build quality and it getting very hot.

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