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Andis Excel 2-speed

So, here's another honest review for you guys.

This time it's the

, mostly used for bulk cutting, but can also be used for fading.

These clippers have the power to glide through any type of hair easily, leaving a really clean cut and smooth finish.

Running at speeds of up to 4400 spm, this heavy duty cutting device is built to give you many years of reliable use. It also has a 4x4 blade drive for up to 25% more torque. It feels really solid and sturdy, also comfortable in my hands with it's circular and shatterproof housing.

Switching on the Andis Excel-2 speed, the first thing you'll probably notice is that it's whisper quiet. This seems to be due to it's rotary motor that runs in a circular motion creating very little vibration, so you don't get all the buzzing you'd normally hear from some other types of clippers.

When using the Andis Excel 2-Speed you'll see just how effortlessly these clippers cut through the hair, even the thickest of hair types seem to be no match for their powerful motor.

The Excel 2-Speed does not have an adjustable lever, but fixed detachable blades which will set you back a significant amount of money, if you want to buy the device with a full set of detachable clipper blades. I use the 110 volt US version which retails at £136 on Amazon.

Buying a full set of detachable blades (11 Blades) with set you back almost £300, which is a significant amount of money to invest in when you also add the cost of buying the device and the fact that you'll also need a UK to US voltage and frequency converter (which retail at £100 from Larry the barber man)

If you already own Oster blades, these will also work on the Excel 2-Speed.

Although with the full set of blades, you'll be able to do a full skin fade, including being able take it just as close as a pair of T-Liners.

Personally I haven't bought any extra blades and just use the 000 ultra edge blade that comes with the device along with Andis nano guards for fading levels, I use another pair for the half grades.

Trimming beards is really where the Andis Excel 2-Speed's power is apparent, it cuts through the tough coarse hair like Jesse Ventura's "Ol' Painless" M134 Minigun cuts through the rain forest in The Predator movie, but without the green glowing blood.

You can really sculpt any beard into great shapes with the Andis.

Changing the blades is just as quick as changing guards on conventional clippers, with open and snap shut design the Excel 2-Speed has, you push the blade forward, lift it off , replace the blade with a different size, then just snap the blade shut and your'e off.

Iv'e found that you have to run these clippers for a long time to feel their motor heating up and even when this happens, it's still very subtle, meaning that you can just keep cutting without having to worry about the issue at all.

When it comes to cleaning the device, its so easy that it will literally take you under a minute to open the Andis, clean it and put it back together. It has a great and simple design, with no hard to reach places.

If it wasn't for the high price of the detachable blades (you would need for fading and blending) I would have given the Andis Excel 5 out of 5, but unfortunately it only gets 4 out of 5 due to it being a lot more expensive to buy.

Pros: Powerful Quiet Stays Cool Easy Cleaning Robust High Quality Long Lasting

Cons Expensive Blades Fixed Blade (none adjustable) Expensive clipper Voltage Converter Needed

Thanks again for taking the time to read my reviews,

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