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Anti fatigue barber mats

I have been Barbering for 45 years standing on my feet all day every day for as long as I remember. This had never been a problem until my feet started to feel quite painful at the end of the days business. Over a period of months my condition deteriorated & I booked a visit to my local GP. After examination the Doctor said I unknowingly had been an undiagnosed Diabetic for many years & my sensitive feet were a condition named Neuropathology which was a long-term complication affecting the nerves. At the same time another Barber employed in our shop had been suffering from another foot condition called Policemans Heel being an inflamed bruised heel caused by long term standing.

What could we do to make life more comfortable at work ?

At the college where I lecture I had always preached that good fitting comfortable shoes were very important when standing all day. I practised what I preached & purchased some quality anatomic gel shoes that made an immediate difference to my foot comfort.

I had been on holiday in America & remembered that behind some of the bars we visited were thick rubber matting that the staff walked on known as Health & Safety mats. Many of the Barbershops we visited had similar mats under each of the chairs for the Barbers to stand on whilst cutting.

I Googled the “Barber Mats” & saw them on regular sale in American Barbering wholesalers.

Did anywhere in the UK sell them I wondered ?

I was very pleased to find at that time there was only one place in the UK stocking the mats at The Salon Equipment Centre in Leicester. When our shop was refitted three years ago we included three Barber Mats in the modernisation plan.

It took a couple of days to get used to the feeling of walking on air & amazingly within a short period of time my feet were nowhere near as painful as they had been & the staff did not feel as tired at the end of the day after standing on the the mats. We have replaced them after three years of hard wear & tear. I have never regretted my investment & consider their purchase a must for our salon. I certainly would not be without them now.

Today the Barber mats are easily available to purchase in the UK.

So my recommendation is consider flashing the cash on one & see for yourself & say goodbye to backache & foot pain!

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