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Head massaging has many benefits including :


1. Stimulation of the hair follicles

2. Blood flow improvement

3. Sense of wellbeing

4. Release of tension build up

5 Eases migraine or headache symptoms

6. Relaxation

7. A great simple treatment to create extra revenue



How to do a head massage

Head massage is a simple procedure that nearly all customers can appreciate. All you need are your fingers and a nice hair tonic to lubricate the scalp.

Scalp massaging tools are available if you suffer from any form of hand, wrist or finger pain to aid the massage process.

To provide a head massage prepare your client making sure to protect their clothes from the hair tonic etc.

  1. Place a towel around your clients neck.

  2. Begin by asking your client to close their eyes as hair tonic can sting and tilt their head back.

  3. applying a gentle amount of hair tonic to the scalp rubbing it in as you go. Try to prevent dribbles and drips down the face or neck.

  4. Apply a light to medium pressure on the head working in circular motions around the hair line. 

  5. Massage for a minimum of 5 minutes, making sure to cover the entire scalp. using different techniques and rotation patterns.

  6. Use your thumbs to gently massage deep their neck and across the shoulders.

  7. Don't halt during a head massage as the stop breaks the relaxation cycle.

  8. Apply more tonic if the hair drys out or starts to pull. This is required a lot more on balding clients.

  9. To finish apply heavy pressure working in a slow down the neck onto the shoulders with a fast release to end.


Click the Tab to download your basic Head massage completion certificate

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