Is it time to turn to appointments?

The team at Nearcut have provided us with their thoughts.

How will Covid - 19 affect the safety of barbering industry?

As Covid-19 continues to wreak havoc around the world, the main question on everyone's mind is "when will things return to 'normal?" In our honest opinion, we believe 'normal' could be a thing of the past.

Some form of social distancing may be with us for the foreseeable future. Masks, gloves and sanitation are likely to become commonplace in our society. 

The barber industry is also likely to be subject to social distancing when the time comes to reopen, as I'm sure we're all aware. For the barber industry, it will be a good idea to practice some forms of social distancing, to reduce the number of people in the shop and keep everyone safer less people in the shop means less chance of spread.

We're seeing quite a few walk in only shops looking to keep the queuing clients separated and even outside like the super market scenario. The mindset of a large proportion of the public will still probably be very nervous about groups and crowds.

Many barbers are also looking to make the leap to offering appointments either temporarily or on specific days of the week, which could be a safe option for both barber and client and one way to reduce the likelihood of further spread of the virus and reduce gatherings in and around your premises. 

Handling cash may be restricted so barbers are looking at other ways of accepting payments. Online booking with prepayments makes sure the money is in your account before you even start. Many barbers who accept prepayments are already booked up and have received payments from their customers for the first haircut on the barbers return to work.

This is where technology can help you, not only to keep yourself and your clients safe, but to grow your business, online presence and customer experience, whilst providing a business tool to continue generating revenue through online gift vouchers, product sales and marketing campaigns. 

Those using a Nearcut booking system in place will tell you how much it has helped them through these troubling times. Being able to communicate with each and every client in the run up to lock down on polices and procedures but also to be able to react to government advice and bounce back quickly when the time comes.

How the world will change remains to be seen. No one could have predicted that this invisible virus would have had such a major affect on the entire world, let alone the barber industry. One thing's for sure, UK barbers will have a huge part to play in stimulating the UK economy, so we need to continue to support local brands and businesses more than ever before.

We could all be using this as a learning experience, this downtime should be viewed as gold dust to business owners, a chance to not only rest and recuperate, but to plan and develop your business/marketing strategies and take steps to minimise impacts of similar, future situations. Get help and advice from the experts who specialise in making businesses more efficient, profitable and successful. -