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Who should you refer to as a barber?

Generally in your everyday working life you will see many varied conditions, some may need to be referred for expert help. As a barber it is important to know where to refer your client and why? This will also help you to build a positive relationship with your clients as they will not only be pleased with your service but trust you that you have their best interest at heart. There are many different hair and scalp conditions and some may not require referral and can be dealt with by you as a barber. Others may be highly contagious, where no service can be carried out and you would need to refer them to a GP or Trichologist





(see article on scalp conditions).

What is the difference between a GP and a Trichologists?

A  GP is a General Practitioner and will treat all conditions and is the main point of contact for the NHS and they can refer onto hospitals and specialist treatments.

The main role of a GP:

  • Holding consultations within surgery

  • Listening to patients and to diagnose and treat the patient symptoms.

  • Decide on the right action to be taken and referring patients to specialised consultants.

  • Administration and management duties, as the GP has to keep detailed records of all patients and their treatment received.

  • GP will also need to liaise with other medical and social care professionals. 


What is a Trichologist?

A trichologist is an expert in the science and study of hair; they will diagnose, treat diseases and disorders of the hair and scalp. They will take a holistic viewpoint, giving consideration to various aspects of lifestyle and diet, care and management of the hair. The role of a trichologist is to hold an in depth consultation that lasts approximately one hour. (There is a charge for this consultation, approx. £100.00 but this varies with different Trichologist as generally they are small clinics with the owner being the trichologist, consultation fees tend to increase in the larger clinics).


Trichologists can help with:

  • Hair loss

  • General thinning

  • Hair texture problems

  • Hair shaft disorders

  • Scalp disorders such as psoriasis, dermatitis, itchy scalp.

  • Additional services such as wigs and hairpieces and cosmetic masking products.

  • A trichologist can also be called as an expert witness in court cases.


Infectious conditions, bacterial or fungal the trichologists would also refer onto the GP as the trichologists are not medically qualified and they do not pretend to be so.

Referring your client to a GP, you would send them back to their own GP. To refer a patient to Trichologists you would refer them to The Institute of Trichologists which was founded in 1902. Where they have a website that lists all registered Trichologists who are members of the institute and qualified.


Contact details:

Phone: 0845 604 4657

Email: admin@trichologists.org.uk

Web: www.trichologists.org.uk


Or you could look at the website yourself and find a Trichologist that is local to your salon, and contact them to build a relationship between them and yourself, plus this would also give you a better understanding of when and why you would refer your clients. 

Caroline Puttock BA Cert Ed MIT


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