General Barbershop Health and Safety Rules

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General Barbershop Health and Safety Rules

General rules are in place to ensure that you create a safe environment and project a professional image to clients.

· Always wear gloves when shaving

· Clean and sterilise your tools and equipment between every client

· Keep the barbershop clean and tidy

· Don’t leave wires trailing

· Sweep up all hair after each client

· Wear correct and adequate personal protective equipment

· Maintain a high standard of personal hygiene

· Wash hands regularly

· Keep nails tidy

· Keep breath fresh

· Cover cuts or open wounds

· Do not wear dangling jewellery

· First aid box should be suitably stocked and in a properly identified container

· Used blades must be disposed of in a suitable sharps container out of reach of clients & children

· Wash towels after every use to prevent cross contamination between customers