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Self employed Income Support Scheme What to do

If you have been Self Employed over a year and have submitted your accounts for 18/19 you should be eligible for a grant under the Self-Employment Income Support Scheme.

The scheme is now open and every eligible customer has been given a date from when they can claim, this is between 13th and 18th of‌‌ May. You won’t be able to apply before your claim date, but you will be able to make a claim after that day.

Don’t worry if you can’t remember the date you were given, you can check again by logging into the online checker at any time.

Checking if you are eligible to make a claim

To see when you can claim your self employed grant from the government you will need:

  • UTR (unique tax reference)

  • National insurance number.

  • Government Gateway ID (this can be created during registration and personal id will be required ie passport or driving licence)

Please keep a note of these as you will have to use them to claim when you are given your date to claim.

Register now and you will be provided with the date you can make the claim.

Making your claim

On or after the date you have been supplied with you can access the claim system on GOV‌.UK by searching for 'Self-Employment Income Support Scheme'.

It’s important that you make this claim yourself, although you can ask your accountant or tax agent to help you. Please don’t pass on any of your information to people who may offer to make a claim on your behalf.

You will need:

  • UTR (unique tax reference)

  • National insurance number.

  • the bank account number and sort code they should pay your grant into

  • your Government Gateway user ID and password

Please note that they will calculate the amount of self-employment support you will receive, you don’t need to do this yourself.

Once you have made your claim, you should have your money in your account within six working days.


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