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Don't suffer in silence

We understand how after a month with very little or even no money coming into many households things are starting to getting tough.

Many barbers feel their only option is to go back and start cutting hair during the lockdown which is currently illegal and could result in sever penalty’s along with having to continue afterwards with a reputation for doing the wrong thing.

We urge you not to reopen or start cutting hair mobile or at home.

There are other options and help out there for you.

Although many trades are closed for the forceable future, a temporary change of career to a sector that legally requires key workers could help you financially. Heres a short list of essential business sectors that are currently looking for temporary staff.

Super markets & Grocery stores,


Pet shops,

Hardware stores,

News agents,

Care work

Contacting these types of industries could place you in a short term job until barbers are aloud to return to work legally.

Financial support from the authorities:

Universal Credit:

This can help you with your living costs if you’re on low income or out of work.

Grant system:

For all self-employed people who have been trading over a year and officially submitted there accounts for 2018/19 the HMRC will look at your last 3 years self-employment tax accounts ( or the 1 year if recently to self employment and not enough accounts are held ) and taking an average the grant will be worked out, giving 80% of 3 months net profit. You will receive a letter from HMRC around mid May / early June if you are eligible for this.

Other options include:

Taking a mortgage holiday.

Speak to your lenders (credit card/loans)

Speak to your landlord (at this time it is illegal for you to be evicted )

Costs such as work commute and overheads are reduced dramatically.

Don’t bury your head in the sand

just a quick phone call to some of these and explaining your situation could result in a dramatically reduced fee or extended time to pay your bills.

The Citizens Advice could also help you will a list of extra issues that we may not have provided. They can be contacted at

The Samaritans are available if you feel there is nobody else left to talk to and available 24 hours a day 7 days a week FREE on 116 123 or visit

We have seen a huge rise in social media attacks towards barbers who may think their only option is to go back to work without really understanding their position but together we can offer the correct support and guidance to make sure they have options outside of alienating themselves or their businesses.

Dan Davies from the Lions Barbers Collective has kindly provided us with a few elements of what to look out for and how we can help a barber in need or close to the edge.

"Enough is enough I’m going to be cutting hair at home! I need the money and desperate times call for desperate measures. DM me for a time slot. "

What are your thoughts on this? Take a minute....

These statuses are appearing on social media very frequently. The reactions and comments on these statuses are mixed. Some loyal customers chomping at the bit for a home cut correction, some very annoyed barbers that reach straight for the insult bag out of pure frustration, some concerned family members and friends worried about the spread of the virus and the dangers it causes. No matter what category you fall into I would encourage you to first listen to this person’s outcry for help. Posting like this is informing friends and followers “I need help”. We have all chosen to be part of a collective. The British Master Barbers is an incredible network of professionals and the one thing we always need to remember in times of crisis is a motto that is shared by both The British Master Barbers and The Lions Barber Collective, “Together we are stronger”

So what should you do if you see a fellow barber post an outcry for help, such as “I have no choice I need to cut hair, dm me for an appointment?

In times of any crisis small or large remember these 4 steps;

  • Recognise,

  • Ask,

  • Listen,

  • Action.


Has there been strange statuses, comments, change in usual language, More posts than usual, less posts than usual, are they answering calls, is it taking longer than usual for them to reply to messages, are they drinking way too much, are they taking drugs, are there changes in behaviour that are alarming. Do you have a friend in common and do they agree that something doesn’t seem right? Is their behaviour strange, alarming or of concern to you? If so it is time to ask.


Once you have recognised that maybe there is an issue with the barber, you should then reach out to them and ask them if there is an issue. Start with a leading question. Hi I’ve noticed some Facebook statuses are a bit out of character, How’s things? How are you coping with the lockdown? What’s on your mind? What are you up to at the moment? Are you struggling for money? Would you like some help? It’s important that by asking questions you prepare yourself for the responses and when they respond as the person in question maybe going through some quite stressful times.


The very worse thing you can do is not give people time to talk by talking yourself. Give them time to get things off their chest and take in what they are saying. Comparing their worries to yours or saying you know what they are going through or we are all in the same boat is a bad idea, just take the time to listen with empathy to what they have to say. Stressed people often already have the answers to their problems they may just need to talk it through so be sure to give them time to talk and take in what they are saying.


Once you have gone through the first three stages action may need to be taken to get your friend back on track. Ask them if they would like to do anything about the situation and if they do work together to set a plan of action together.

If they need to relax suggesting a change in music and getting them to be creative with drawing and art is a great way of distressing, profile building with great new apps like Buzz are a good way of focusing on the positive, training and developing ones self can change a negative focus into a positive, I would encourage every barber to take the free BarberTalk Lite training by The Lions Barber Collective and the free health and safety course on British Master Barbers website.

Ultimately if you think that your friend needs help beyond your means visit

This is a fantastic directory of all resources and charities local to the person you’re helping. The Lions Barber Collective also have a new barbertalk app where barbers can share and talk on the forum.

Now some of you maybe thinking, Jesus Dan this is a bit over the top, and I hope you are right. However I would suggest that it is better to talk and reach out to someone than to just leave it and hope everything will sort itself out.


If you feel a barber is acting irresponsibly by opening their shop or cutting hair during lockdown times please let the professional authorities know and deal with it.


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