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Wahl 5 star Magic Clip.

So here is another clipper review, This time it's the Available from Barber Blades for £50 This Clipper has been on the market for quite a while now, but still remains very popular, especially with Afro Caribbean barbers, as Wahl have chosen to market their 5 star range towards Afro hair types. The Wahl 5 Star Magic's V5000 motor runs at a constant speed of 6000 spm which is exactly the same as the Standard Wahl Super Taper. This is disappointing, as the US version has a V9000 motor (like the Wahl Legend) , which is far more powerful. It's hard plastic housing means that the Magic is very light, but also very powerful able to cut through all hair types. When using these clippers for prolonge

Andis Excel 2-speed

So, here's another honest review for you guys. This time it's the , mostly used for bulk cutting, but can also be used for fading. These clippers have the power to glide through any type of hair easily, leaving a really clean cut and smooth finish. Running at speeds of up to 4400 spm, this heavy duty cutting device is built to give you many years of reliable use. It also has a 4x4 blade drive for up to 25% more torque. It feels really solid and sturdy, also comfortable in my hands with it's circular and shatterproof housing. Switching on the Andis Excel-2 speed, the first thing you'll probably notice is that it's whisper quiet. This seems to be due to it's rotary motor that runs in a circul

Wahl T-Cut.

Hi Guys. So after reviewing two pairs of clippers, I've decided to give you my opinion of the These are a cordless trimmer with a T-Wide blade (same size as the wide T-Blade on the Wahl detailers) I've been using these consistently for almost one year now. After throwing my Wahl detailers in the bin (due to the blade falling off) I decided enough was enough and wanted to try something different. I have to say I'm really impressed with their power, even though the blade is designed for outlining the hair, they are really soft and have never pinched or left marks on clients necks. You also have the freedom of not having wires getting in the way when you're trying to trim the beards growing out

Andis Fade Masters.

Hey guys. So here's another review of an extremely popular clipper. This time i'm reviewing a pair of clippers from across the pond. The To buy and use these clippers you're going to need a frequency converter. This will set you back around £90-£100 pounds. UK mains supply runs at 240v/50mhz, while the US mains supply run on 110v/60mhz, so buying both will probably set you back around £150- £170 pounds. Plus you'll also need to buy Andis guards. (I find Andis nano guards are best) £15 This may seem like quiet an investment, but it will open you up to a very diverse market of US clippers, which include some seriously powerful motors. So first things first, looking at these clippers you'l

The Babyliss pro VX880

These clippers are pretty striking to look at as they don't really resemble anything else on the market Although when I look at them I'm reminded of the classic powerhouse Oster 76 and the Andis Excel 2 speed, although this is where the similarities seem to end. I found even my clients seemed to comment on them looking all shiny and metallic, hanging on the wall. So I've used these clippers for a number of months, even going back to them after a break when I chipped the ceramic blade on my Oster Fast Feeds. For some reason the blade sits at an angle that seems to cause the clippers to stop and bump into the scalp or slow down when passing over a lump or dent in my clients head. Clippers shou

Wahl Icons

Retailing at £70 . The Wahl Icons were a bit of a game changer, when they were first released 18 months ago. They had a more powerful motor, in fact they had 40% more power than the conventional Wahl Super Taper. This prompted a lot of excitement within the UK barbering industry, with scores of barbers rushing out to buy these new and superior Wahl Icons. Initially they retailed at around £100 , but you could pick them up at trade shows for around £80, which is what I payed for them at the time. When first using the Wahl Icons, I found myself really impressed by they're power accompanied with a quiet running motor, I could literally hear the clippers cutting the hair. Even though the Icons w

Wahl Cordless Super Taper Clippers

Wahl Cordless Super Taper Clippers Rrp £80 Designing a cordless version of Wahl's best selling clipper was always going to be world wide a hit with fans of the original super taper. The lithium Ion battery means you'll get 90 minutes of cutting time and 120 minute charging time from empty to full. Initially when picking up this item, my main concern was again (build quality) The clippers felt very light compared with other corded clippers, this also raised concerns with possible motor power issues. My curiosity got the better of me and I decided to buy them anyway. My First impressions of the Cordless Super Taper were pretty good. Apart from the lightweight feel and higher pitched sound of


Wahl ultima plus shaver This is a nice, sturdy shaver, with a slightly robotic feature design, which comes with a protective cap, case and UK charger. The shaver has both a shaving foil and a long hair trimmer. Charging is fast, it takes only a hour. Full charge is indicated by a flashing green light and at fully charged state, it will work for up to 45 minutes. Like most Wahl products you can also use it while it is plugged in.This is a worthwhile feature which you will not find on all foil shavers. This shaver is suitable for wet and dry shaving and the long hair trimmer can be used for trimming beards, sideburns and any other stray hairs. There is also a plastic clip on stubble guide cove

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