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Jack Dean Hair tonic range 'Eau de Quinne'

BRAND: Jack Dean PRODUCTS: Hair Tonic With a return to traditional barbering and grooming techniques, hair tonics are enjoying something of a revival. Hair tonic in the past had usually been classed as an “old school” hair styling product as the oils in the hair tonic also help hold the hair in place, making it easier to style, but is now really commonly known now for its lubricating qualities during massaging of the scalp. ​ Jack Dean Eau de Quinine classic hair tonic with moisturising macadamia oil is formulated to stimulate and invigorate the scalp. Quinine has a floral aroma combining jasmine, lily of the valley and macadamia with citrus and vanilla notes. ​ The 250ml bottle is a nice si

Barber Oils

With Beards being so popular, the rise of beard grooming products has exploded, But what do these product offer and why use them? Here at British Master Barbers we have tested some of the many beard oils on the market and aim to explain how they differ and can aid condition and growth of a beard. Beard oil usage is now one of the main routines of the beard owner. This product serves both aesthetic and a functional purposes. Oil offers beard conditioning and nourishment and the mix of masculine scents is purely a personal preference and can almost take place of the usual manly cologne. Most beard oils are made with all-natural ingredients and offer a healthy option for your skin and beard. To

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