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The Daimon Barber

BRAND: The Daimon Barber PRODUCTS: Clay Pomade, Wax Pomade, Gel Pomade, Classic Pomade, Hair Pomade The Daimon Barber was conceived in 2011 by two London based brothers with backgrounds in design and classic barbering and a shared vision to create men’s grooming products that set a new standard for innovation, quality and lasting effect. When the Daimon Barber’s new range of pomades landed at the British Master Barbers Head quarters the size and weight of the box instantly drew our attention. On opening the large box the attention to detail was clear, Containing the full range of five coloured glass jars with traditionally styled paper labels. Between the jars a beautiful double tooth comb t

The New Wahl Li+ Pro2 Clipper and Mini Trimmer

Wahl Li+ Pro 2 Clipper and Mini Trimmer First impressions of the new Wahl Li+ Pro 2 out of the box are good. Love the look and feel of the clipper in my hand, light weight (but not too light) and I can’t wait to test out the three speed function in the barbershop. I took my new Pro 2 clipper to the barbershop rather excited and found I was using them compulsively. The fastest speed setting was perfect for bulk cutting going from haircut to haircut, while the lowest speed was ideal for tapering and for children’s haircuts to give me full control. I tended to keep going between the high and low speeds rigidly while leaving out the middle speed, personally I haven’t found a use for this speed a

Andis Slimline pro li

Andis Launches the NEW Slimline Pro Li Cordless Trimmer Precision trimming and finishing just got faster and longer lasting! To create the sharpest lines, finest definition and finishing perfection in every cut, barbers and hairstylists depend on the quality and performance of their tools. Now the quest for total control and precision is enhanced as Andis introduces the NEW Slimline Pro Li Cordless Trimmer. Building on over 90 years of manufacturing expertise and a reputation for world-class products, Andis continually innovates to improve its range of professional tools, and new Slimline Pro Li is no exception. Lightweight, ergonomically contoured and cordless, Slimline Pro Li gives total c

Handmade soap co & Proraso Brush

For a few months now I’ve been predicting the demise of the beard. I admit its taking it’s time, but by Christmas 2015 I think the game will be over. I tried wearing one in late 2014, but after a month or so decided it wasn’t for me. Much respect to those who are now sporting huge Gandalf like beards, but, at some point they’re coming off. In anticipation, I thought I’d try out a few shaving products. You can thank me later. While at Barber Connect I saw The Handmade Soap Company stand and really liked their stuff. My wife is Irish, and their products (as the name suggests) are hand made in Slane, County Meath, Ireland. They had just run out of the shaving soap in a ceramic dish, but luckily

Anti fatigue barber mats

I have been Barbering for 45 years standing on my feet all day every day for as long as I remember. This had never been a problem until my feet started to feel quite painful at the end of the days business. Over a period of months my condition deteriorated & I booked a visit to my local GP. After examination the Doctor said I unknowingly had been an undiagnosed Diabetic for many years & my sensitive feet were a condition named Neuropathology which was a long-term complication affecting the nerves. At the same time another Barber employed in our shop had been suffering from another foot condition called Policemans Heel being an inflamed bruised heel caused by long term standing. What could we

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