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Andis Master Cordless

The icon of professional barbering has gone cordless

Andis brought a new pair of their Master cordless to this years Master Barber Live show where many attendees had the chance to use them live on models in front of show goers. The over all response was outstanding with most users placing a pre order that day. We were lucky to receive our very own Andis Master Cordless a few days before the official release at the Salon international show, This gave us the chance to use them in our own shop for two busy days on over 30 plus customers.

Testing clippers in a real world busy barbershop is the only test. We found that the charge up time was perfectly acceptable and the charging stand was a really nice addition. The charging dock stand made for handy pick up use and when not in use the master was already charging for the next use. On other clippers without charging stands it's so easy to forget to plug in the charging lead between cuts which always results in battery run out on a busy day. This should never happen as long as you replace your Master Cordless in the dock between cuts. The Dock is well weighted and provides suitable support for holding the clippers without falling over which is a regular issue for many clipper stands.

The power of the Master Cordless is the first noticeable asset. Staying constant throughout the day this professional clipper never slowed up. Using the guard set that was specially provided with the pre orders allowed for easy fading and bulk removal, these are a needed addition for every day professional use. Clipper used over comb was strong and glided through even lightly dampened hair with ease. The shape of the Master Cordless was something that took a little time to get used to as they feel very square and probably not the most ergonomic clipper we've ever used but the overall weight was nice and the performance was outstanding.

The Master Cordless is based on the original Master Clipper which has been around for many years and comes with selectable taper arm positioning points that offers great accuracy when fading. The taper arm doesn't move or float closed and prevents any shorter incisions when fading up. The blades are tough and can cut through the most course of hair without any issues. Overall we find these will be a great addition to any barbering tool arsenal and with the further cordless ability they have made a great clipper even better. The price is definitely right up there at the top end but the materials used in the manufacture, the charging dock and the overall quality so far seems to be worth the extra cost.

RRP £280


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