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Barber Chair Maintenance

Looking after your Barber chairs properly can give you years of hassle free barbering

and reduce huge costs in repairs and re-upholstery.

The team at Custom Belmont have provided the BMB with this basic guide to

looking after your reclining best friend.


Cleaning Your Barber Chair

Regular cleaning is essential for a barber chair’s long life. This is so important that it should already be part of your everyday shop cleaning routine.

Blowing loose hair away using a hair dryer is a simple method to force hair out of all the nooks and crannies where build up often occurs.

A soft brush can easily be used for the stubborn gatherings of hair.


Using soapy warm water wipe over all the upholstery to remove any dirt. Do not use any chemical cleaners as these often dry out leathers or vinyls and can promote cracking and breakdown of the materials.


Don't be afraid to pump up your chair to get underneath. Just because you don't see it, doesn't mean its not there! Clean away any left over hair that maybe resting on the pump housing. Hair can damage the pump seals if left to work their way down.


To bring back a great shine on any chrome work, a simple polish with regularly available metal polish can get your chairs looking good as new.



Regular Maintenance 

A regular check of all the chair bolts and fixings, making sure everything is tightened should prevent any premature wear or damage.


Oil residue is a sign of leaking hydraulic pump seals. An annual chair service can usually locate any potential problems like this and give you the opportunity to have them repaired at low cost before they result in complete failure and cost you big money that you don't need to spend.



For Professional Servicing Restoration & Refurbishment

of all original barbers chairs specialising in the

world famous Belmont Brand.

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